Gulf States Aircraft Sales is focused on putting you in the right plane at the right price. While we primarily sell Diamond Aircraft as a premier Diamond Dealer, we are a full-service aircraft sales organization. We can take your existing aircraft in trade for a new Diamond or broker your aircraft. We can handle any inspections or maintenance required to resell your aircraft and facilitate the entire process of putting you in the aircraft you want.


Diamond Aircraft’s vision is to revolutionize general aviation. Diamond’s goal is to set the highest standards possible in aircraft production and development. Diamond’s promise is to combine the most progressive materials and technology to deliver highly reliable, economic aircraft that are less damaging to the environment while never sacrificing performance, safety or beauty.

We are proud to be one of the leading Diamond Dealers in the nation.

Our Business Partner

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SouthTecAviation was founded by Glenn Lawler. Glenn worked as a technical representative for Diamond Aircraft for 16 years and has worked and trained on all Diamond Aircraft. Glenn taught all of Diamond Aircrafts Maintenance Classes including Fiberglass/ Composite repairs to other service centers. SouthTecAviation also has extensive LSA experience, including Tecnam, Sport Cruiser, Pipistrel, and others as well as 18 years of experience maintaining Rotax Engines. 

SouthTecAviation’s experience is your advantage.

Our Strategic Partner

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PistonPower is a strategic partner of Diamond Aircraft and Austro Engines. PistonPower offers an “Hourly Cost Airframe and Engine Program." They cover the DA62, DA42 VI, DA42 NG, DA40, DA40 NG, DA40 XLT, DA40 Tundra Star, DA20, and the upcoming DA50. The PistonPower program offers the ability to control and stabilize your maintenance budget and limit unscheduled and unforeseen event costs. The programs are fully transferable and increases residual values, reduces down time and risk, and increases peace of mind.

Ask your Gulf States representative about which PistonPower program is best for you.



Bill Gunnells has owned many aircraft over the past 20 years, including a Piper 180, Bonanza, King Air 90 and a Citation V jet. He then set out to find the best aircraft for his personal use. This process led him to Diamond Aircraft. Their safety record, their technology and state-of-the-art designs are all tops in the industry and they make flying fun. So, in 2017, Bill bought his first of many Diamond Aircraft - a DA42-VI and while Gulf States Aircraft Sales wasn’t formed then, the seed was set for it to soon become established.

During Bill’s vetting process, he met many people along the way. Two people helped him form the Gulf States Aircraft Sales team – Errol Bader and Glenn Lawler.

Errol Bader has been around aviation for most of his career. First, as the VP of Sales for Diamond Aircraft when they were making the transition from factory direct sales to an independent dealer based network. Errol has had an unbroken relationship with Diamond Aircraft for almost twenty years. Errol has also designed and implemented Extra Aircraft’s dealer-based distribution system. He also served as the President of USAERO LLC, a regional Diamond Aircraft dealership based in Denver for twelve years.

Glenn Lawler is a Diamond Aircraft technical/mechanical subject matter expert. Glenn worked as a technical representative for Diamond Aircraft for 16 years and, as a result, has worked and trained on all Diamond Aircraft and their power plants. For a time, he also taught all of Diamond Aircraft’s maintenance classes. Today, his North Carolina-based company, SouthTecAviation, is one of only a few service centers recommended by Diamond Aircraft to make major structural repairs and is one of the leading aircraft maintenance and repair facilities in the nation.

John Gunnells manages client relations for Gulf States Aircraft Sales. He makes sure that the planes and paperwork move efficiently through the sales process and for the customers to received the highest levels of service.

Together, the team has more than five decades of experience in the aircraft industry and more than 35 years of experience with Diamond Aircraft. With so much passion, knowledge and experience with aircraft, who better than Gulf States Aircraft Sales to put you in your next aircraft.


I wanted to fly the best personal aircraft in the world. I research all of them and found Diamond to be the safest, most advanced small aircraft today. I was so impressed with the Diamond airplanes that I wanted to promote them and help other pilots experience the fun.

- Bill Gunnells

Bill Gunnells


Errol Bader

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Glenn Lawler